League Table

This widget shows a table with the current league standings for a given competition. The widget is completely responsive and is gradually enhanced with more information when used in wider formats.

The table includes change of position arrows and banding information regarding each position (e.g. Champions League, Promotion/Relegation places etc).

In wider formats you can see each team's form over the last 6 games in the competition including the score and opponent for each game.


You can configure this widget to your own requirements using our setup tool . Listed below are the configuration options.

  • Theme - Change the appearance of the widget by choosing from one of our themes. You can also adjust the main accent colour of the theme to match your exact requirements.
  • Competition - Choose a league from our extensive coverage of competitions from all around the world.
  • Competition Menu - You have the option to add a competition menu to the widget which allows the selection of other competitions from the same country or the top leagues from England, Spain, Italy, Germany & France.
  • Team - If you are placing the widget on a team page then selecting the team will highlight it in the league table. This feature can not be used with the competition menu.
  • Title - You have the option to remove the title (competition and season) from the widget if this is already in your page and therefore not required in the widget. This option will also remove the competition menu if you have selected it.
  • Banding - There is the option to turn off the league position banding information (highlighting the promotion, relegation places, etc) or alternatively just limiting it to the section dividers.
  • UTC offset - You can specifiy the difference in hours between UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and your local timezone to ensure that game dates, shown in the form section, are relevant to your audience. We automatically handle Daylight Saving Time.
  • Language - Select the language the widget should use to match your page and audience.
  • Scroll - You can set whether the widget should scroll it's content. If this is selected the widget will be a fixed height of 300px by default but you can increase this height within your own style sheet.