Group Table

This widget shows a group table with the current standings for a given group within a cup competition or alternatively all group tables for a given round.

The widget can be configured to show all the groups at once in a vertical list or one at a time by using one of 2 navigation methods (tabs or arrows). Alternatively it can be limited to show only one particular group table.

The widget is completely responsive and is gradually enhanced with more information when used in wider formats, including a results grid for groups with 4 teams or less.


You can configure this widget to your own requirements using our setup tool . Listed below are the configuration options.

  • Theme - Change the appearance of the widget by choosing from one of our themes. You can also adjust the main accent colour of the theme to match your exact requirements.
  • Round - Choose a cup round with group tables from our extensive coverage of competitions from all around the world.
  • Group Selector - Choose whether you want the widget to include the ability for a user to switch between group tables by using either tabs or arrows, or simply display a single group.
  • Group - Select the group you want the table to show data for. If you have included a group selector this option will define which group should be shown as default when the widget is first loaded. Alternatively select "All" to show all the groups in the round in a vertical list.
  • Results Grid - Choose whether the group table(s) should include a results grid when viewed in wider formats. This grid appears on the right side of the table for groups of 4 teams or less, and shows scores in matches between teams in the group.
  • Team - If you are placing the widget on a team page then selecting the team will highlight it in the group table and all matches involving the team in the results grid.
  • Title - You have the option to remove the title bar from the widget if this is already in your page and therefore not required in the widget.
  • Language - Select the language the widget should use to match your page and audience.