Top Scorers

This widget displays the top goal scorers in terms of both players and teams. The widget is completely responsive with layouts to suit a side column or a full article width. In wider widths the lists are placed side by side.

The widget can be configured to show only the top scoring players or only the teams with the most goals scored.

You can also specify how many records to show in each list with 5 being the default.


You can configure this widget to your own requirements using our setup tool . Listed below are the configuration options.

  • Content - You have the option to show only the top scoring players, only the top scoring teams or both lists together.
  • Records - Select how many records should be returned by the widget ranging from 1 to 20.
  • Placeholders - You have the option to show empty placeholders if the number of records available is less than the number requested.
  • Language - Select the language the widget should use to match your page and audience.